At Jill Tuck Soft Furnishings Ltd, we strive to accommodate any and all of your interior design needs. For any special requests or clarification on offers, please contact us to discuss your situation. Realising your interior design ideas shouldn't be expensive - we offer a range of affordable cushion prices for every style. Below is our retail price list according to size.


Standard cushion cover making $40.00

Standard cushion cover with trim $49.00

Special sizes and boxed inners available please ask for a quote.

Price includes zip and piping cord. Trims extra.

Please request a quote for other styles.


INNERS – Select size and add to above price.


Feather inners by cushion size


35x35cm                    $27.40

40x40cm                    $29.70

45x45cm                    $35.50

50x50cm                    $43.60

55x55cm                    $57.60

60x60cm                    $71.00

65x65cm                    $87.90

  70x70cm                    $136.80


Oblong 35x45         $28.70

Oblong 30x50         $34.60

Oblong 40x50         $43.60

Oblong 55x35         $52.90

Oblong 60x40         $59.62

  Please Note If you are using heavy upholstery fabric or dense linen allow for one size larger inner.

Some velvets are prone to crushing and are unsuitable for cushions. Whilst we take very good care in handling your fabric we can not take responsibility for crushing.

Prices exclude GST

Fabric Quantities for CMT


2x 30x50cm cushions 0.7m

2x 35x45cm cushions 0.8m

2x 40x60cm cushions 0.9m

2x 45x45cm cushions 1.0m

2x 50x50cm cushions 1.1m

2x 55x55cm cushions 1.2m

2x 60x60cm cushions 1.3m

2x 70x70cm cushions 1.5m


*Please note that this does not include pattern repeat.